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Safe at home, safe on the road

During lockdown, movement was severely restricted and this lasted for several weeks. As we come out of confinement, the desire is great to fill this frustration by getting on our motorcycle, our bike or restarting our car which had been left idle in the garage. Also, because of the health risk in public transport, many will favor modes of transport which they are not or no longer used to: bicycle, electric scooter or scooter. Be careful not to rush back on the road and give yourself time to recover your references and reflexes. A gradual recovery will limit the risks, for you and for others! Make sure you have a good command of your vehicle and that you are properly equipped before you get started. In this context, respecting the rules of conduct and being prudent of another and towards other road users, in particular the most vulnerable, are essential.

In France, in partnership with the Delegation for Road Safety, we are carrying out an awareness campaign by poster, TV spots, radios, social networks.

We accompany it with the motto:


We are counting on you.