The rollover car

A rollover car for road safety

The Renault Group pays particular attention to the prevention of risks on the road, and in particular to the training of its employees. Activities are constantly carried out to inform, raise awareness and train: communication, road safety weeks, defensive driving courses.

Among the tools used, the Renault Group has a rollover vehicle dedicated to raising awareness and remembering the essential use of the seat belt.

Whether it is the driver or a passenger, a short or a long journey, the fastening and the correct wearing of the seat belt are vital.

Thanks to the rollover car simulator, users find themselves in situations simulating all vehicle’s tilt or turn-around configurations in the event of an accident.

A few simple rules must be observed to be protected as much as possible in this type of accident:

- Have a backrest tilt (driver and front passenger) of about 110 degrees.

- Adjust the belt in height so that the harness (the part of the strap which crosses the chest from side to side) passes through the middle of the shoulder.

- Firmly pull on the harness in order to tighten the ventral part of the belt and to catch up on the clearances (spaces between the belt and the body)

Users fasten their seat belts "as usual" for a first complete turn-around of the car. Then after being trained in applying the simple rules above, they go back for another lap and the difference is striking.

Participants are convinced; they assure that they will never fasten their seatbelt as before and that they will preach the good word to those around them.

An educational leaflet is given to each person. It completes the training by detailing all the recommendations ensuring an optimal use of the seat belt.