Elève devant son ordinateur

The pandemic and the Your Ideas Your Initiatives competition

Following the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic and the measures of containment, schools are closed in all the countries where the International competition Your Ideas Your Initiatives is deployed. However, students can continue to work on their projects from home: researching information and statistics on the Net, creating questionnaires and launching online surveys, creating posters, brochures, drawings, short videos etc. There are many ideas for moving forward and ultimately taking advantage of this time of confinement.

Of course, the projects of this edition will often have to be adapted and simplified, certain activities may be planned but not yet carried out. This is not to be seen as a limitation, as all ideas for raising awareness will be regarded and the jury will obviously take into account the exceptional situation.

Furthermore, the deadline for the submission of the projects is delayed to May 29th, so that students and teachers have two more weeks to complete their presentations.

All the participants are facing the same challenge: it is time to focus on creativity, solidarity, enthusiasm and perseverance, hoping that everyone will soon be able to regain their class!