Isabel Berrio Granada, conseillère de français au Collège Montessori de Medellin, Colombie

Isabel Berrio Granada, French teacher in the Montessori College of Medellin, Colombia

« The Montessori College attributes, in the teaching process, a primordial place to the formation of values, and of social and citizen skills. The problems related to road safety directly affect citizenship in its global sense. This is the reason why it is a fundamental axis in the curriculum of the French department. Road safety is studied every year as a course project that aims to educate students about the dangers of the road and about prevention.

For 4 years, Montessori College in Medellin has taken up the challenge of taking part in the contest "Your Ideas Your initiatives". This participatory methodology, which involves upper-level students in the creation and deployment of a campaign, allows them to develop, in addition to their knowledge of road safety, qualities such as the sense of citizenship, competence to action and the ability to work together.

Every year, during French classes, high school students prepare activities to raise awareness on the dangers of the road. They present their projects to students at lower levels, doing engaging activities (songs, games, videos, contests, small car races, exhibitions). As part of this campaign, conferences are also organized. All this aims to make young people aware of the dangers of the road and of possible preventive actions. »