Discover the 2018 winners!

Discover the 2018 winners!

The Your Ideas Your Initiatives jury has finalized its evaluation of the 56 projects presented this year by schools from 13 countries. It has been difficult to choose the winners and finalists, for the high quality of all the entries, and the diversity and relevance of the problems addressed this year.

The winners are (in alphabetical order):

Huanggang Polytechnic college – Huanggang, China

Instituto Isidra de Guzman – Alcalá de Henares, Spain

Shanghai Shangde Experimental School – Shanghai, China

The Jury Special Prize is awarded to:

Dover High School – Ingeniero Maschwitz, Argentina

Students from Huanggang Polytechnic college – the high-beam hunters’ team – decided to tackle the misuse of high-beam in the city. Their campaign aims to let the public know its danger and to teach drivers how to use the high-beam properly.

They interviewed members of the public and put up posters in downtown areas to broadcast their campaign. They cooperated with many 4S stores, such as repair shops, to maximize the exposure of their activity and promote the “reminder tips” which could be stuck on a corner of the windshield to remind drivers with the words “Refuse to misuse the high-beam” while driving. The activity was posted at microblog and WeChat of group members, with 15,480 views & 778 comments.

To teach the basics of road safety and educate on important citizenship values, students from Instituto Isidra de Guzman designed "Shadow on the Road", a card game of collaborative roles, in which safe and responsible behaviours are learnt with values like respect, cooperation, prudence, solidarity or companionship.

As they wanted to make it possible that everyone could play this game, they created a website with information and the full game for free; you just have to download the cards, the rules, the game board, to print and cut them and start playing!

Students from Shangai Shangde Experimental School decided to tackle accidents involving bicycles.

The first component of their project is a cartoon animation video, whose goal is to promote the safety rules related to bicycles. They shared the video on Weibo and had received more than 30,000 visualizations and 136 shares after just 2 days.

The second component is to remind users of Mobike of cycling safety and regulations to reduce accidents. They created innovative agreements and tips available for Mobike clients that will hopefully reduce the accident rate of sharing bikes.

Finally, they invented a turn signal light for bicycles.

Students from Dover High School wanted to convince people not to drink before driving; they created a very original campaign to remind drivers that children are put in danger by this risky behaviour: “Life should be a party for everyone”. They launched a poster campaign and created a fantastic and emotional video, where children are asked what they want to be when they are grown up, before we are reminded that some of them may not make it for the fault of a drunk driver.

These winners will receive a professional tablet as prize.

The finalists of this edition are:

Huanggang Polytechnic college – Huanggang, China. The "Garbage thrower" group fought the habit of throwing garbage o

ut of the window of cars.

Colegio Sesi – Telêmaco Borba, Brazil. Students developed a bike path proposal in their community.

Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School – Dayanand Vihar, India. A campaign has been launched to make the private mini vans serving the school safer.

Colegio San Jorge Mendoza – Chacras de Coria, Argentina. The students tackled 3 very concrete problems: the bad use of the cycle tracks, the risks of flood due to the clogging of the evacuation pits of the water and the risks of collision with animals.

Congratulations to all the participating students and teachers for their dedication and their fantastic work!

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