L'éducation, c'est aussi cela!

This is also education!

Each year, 350 lives could be saved in France if the seatbelt was systematically buckled up in front and back seats. It is still necessary to attach it correctly to avoid injuries, in particular:

  • The belt should be positioned low on the hips, not on the abdomen, where it could cause internal injuries in case of shock;
  • It must be adjusted to pass through the middle of the shoulder, so as not to exert pressure on the neck but by ensuring that the body cannot flip over in case of impact;
  • Before even buckling the belt, remove the thickest clothes (coats, down jackets ...) and position yourself properly in the seat are essential points to ensure the effectiveness of protection.

Experience also shows that parents feel reassured by the simple fact of having bought a car seat for their baby. But do they know how to use it? Mishandling can unfortunately render the seat ineffective; it is therefore necessary to check that the seat is correctly placed and installed, and the child seated such as to ensure the maximum safety of the device.

The volunteers, all Renault employees from various safety-related departments, spent three days explaining these instructions to visitors, teenagers and adults, who could practice on site by manipulating child seats or trying out seatbelts in a car present on the stand.

The stand was supervised by the Renault Corporate Social Responsibility Department.