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2020 international competition: young people active despite the COVID-19 pandemic!

Despite the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students responded this year again to promote road safety and sustainable mobility in their community! These young people continued to work as a team from home, organizing virtual meetings and communicating via chats. They did their research on the Internet, sending out on-line questionnaires, and showed prowess in ingenuity to create and deploy their campaign in these exceptional circumstances.

55 projects designed by 781 students in 16 countries were therefore launched to raise awareness in drivers, cyclists and pedestrians on safe and sustainable behavior, and thus prepare them for their return to the roads.

Congratulations to these young people who have more than ever proven their commitment, their creativity and their ability to act to improve their environment and their future! Congratulations also to their teachers who accompanied, motivated and supported them despite the constraints due to the situation!

This year more than any other, the jury will be hard pressed to choose the winners and finalists from all of these magnificent initiatives. The results are expected in two weeks and they will be published on this site and in the social media of the Safety and Mobility For All program.