Reporting the road safety issues

Reporting the road safety issues


Bad habits among road users and neglected road signs were not hard to find for these spanish students, they just went to the streets of their town and documented the road safety issues.

Tes Idées

The students began by discussing all the risks related to mobility in their daily lives: on the school bus, on the sidewalk, etc. They debated the need for greater awareness of the risks on the street and on the way to school, and the special care that must be taken with cars.

In order to deepen their knowledge of road safety issues, they attended a talk held by policemen, firemen and insurance experts. They also investigated the risks and displayed them through images, films and presentations.

The students concluded that the risks are real and that our attitude towards them is crucial in order to prevent them. The students dedicated themselves to helping others avoid unsafe behaviors by sharing pictures and presentations with them.

Tes initiatives

Following the brainstorming sessions, the students set to work making a video that would develop the message they want to transmit to their peers, their families and the local authorities: the video highlighted the safety issues on the streets of their town and on the roads that the students use every day on their way to and from school.

The resulting four-minute video was to shown on the “digital window”, a big screen in the school, located in a place where everyone passes. The students also made it available for viewing via the school’s website and blog.

The talk given by policemen, firemen and insurance experts also had a great impact on the school and the wider community, and inspired the local newspaper to publish an article on the event.

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