Road Safety Quest

English Language International Perm School

Our school is situated in the city centre with heavy traffic. Pupils are akin to and from school by their parents when they study at primary school. Of course, each school has lessons on road safety. But do children always follow the rules? Unfortunately, not. Especially when grown-ups don't look after them. Sometimes pupils and children break the rules because they don't take them seriously and think that a road is a big playground. Recently there was an accident and a pupil of our school was a culprit. So, we became sure about the importance of our project.

Tes Idées

Many children like playing outside, going out with friends and just spending time in the streets. And at that moment, willy-nilly, a child becomes an integral part of the traffic. Not all children are aware of the potential danger of being on/off the road. According to the statistics of the traffic police of the Perm region, we have found that 97% of accidents involve children, and in 21.7% of accidents, the culprit is the child himself. Based on these data, our team developed a project that will help to tell children in our region about traffic rules, road safety, immediately practicing the knowledge gained and sharing their experience with peers. After all, it is so curious to talk about what is important, knowing that you will be heard and this information will help to save, to protect someone's life.

Tes initiatives

The main aim of our project is to promote road safety awareness among the children of our region and to make them to be interested in learning about road safety. Children are unaware of many traffic rules that are not the most basic and easiest for pedestrians. That leads to the violation of other traffic rules and possible accidents that can result in serious injuries and even death of children themselves and drivers. With this project, we want to contribute to the decreasing of the number of road accidents involving children. At first, we started to think how to create a project in an interactive form because many children do not want to “waste” their time on new knowledge that they've already had, which is an extremely wrong judgment. So we decided to make up a project that takes place in an interesting, playful form which will motivate the child to learn the rules of behaviour on the road, and take advantage of current modern technology, acting as the main assistant to the child. Moreover, the children not only get some theoretical knowledge, but practice their skills and apply the information learnt in real-life situations. We have invented an application that displays a map of the game. This app shows all the activities of the participant during the game, his passed bases and the points earned by the participants for passing the tests and games on these bases, all the traffic sign information that the participants collect throughout the game and test their acquired theoretical knowledge in various games and tests.

All information about the application, the scoring system and a detailed description of the signs and games encountered is attached in the presentation below.


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