Respect The Line

Respect The Line


The population in Ponta Grossa is growing each month, but road safety has not improved, even with the installation of signs. The population does not respect these signs, risking their lives crossing the streets in a dangerous way.

Tes Idées

The students from Sesi International Ponta Grossa, after learning more about laws and rules for safety, realized that the population does not respect the crosswalks. This includes pedestrians not using them and drivers not stopping before them. The students decided to show how important it is to respect these lines for safety.

Tes initiatives

The students shared their knowledge and information to spread the importance of using the crosswalks, respecting pedestrians and whoever is crossing the street.
Based on this theme, the students created poems to help to spread the information.
"“We have to respect, We are not like rats, We have to choose, And Repect is not a fact. The population is so shy, I Just wanna cry. Why they do not try, to change all this fight? We have to realize, that’s not a joke. You have to change yourself. We already spoke. It’s not just cars. Everybody doesn’t respect! On the roads, on the streets, we have to treat us like we deserve.”
"“Hey, listen to me. It wasn’t a dream. Listen about the loss of one more soul. In this moment is lost not the edge of a cliff, looking for the light that murdered him, on the infinite desperate, cries and regrets for the life which he couldn’t have. In his eyes the image became stuck and the pain of the accident still may have a meaning. He was so high that he fell, only wishing to not repeat the scene that stalks his conscience. In front of the line, one more life is lost. High in the sky, one more soul was found. In front of the car, a deep dream was awakened in another world. On the edge of the street, a soul sees his own bloody body and the car untouched. He is in the high sky, and nobody is going to get him out of there, stuck in his destiny and only protecting the others from a maniac mistake, controlling a car in the middle of a chaotic transit. “


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