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The site accessible at (“the Site”) is intended for the personal informational use of users. Access to and use of the site are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Access and Use (“TCAU”) described herein.

By connecting to and accessing, users are deemed to have accepted the provisions of the TCAU in full and unconditionally.

Article 1: Publication and hosting


Renault s.a.s.

Corporate Social Responsibility department

13-15, Quai le Gallo

92513 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex - France

Tel: +33 1 76 85 73 56

Head of publication: Bruno Hernandez


Tipik Communication Agency

Avenue de Tervueren, 270

1150 Brussels 


Tel: +32 2 235 56 70


Link By Net

5/9, rue de l’Industrie

93200 Saint-Denis


Article 2: Intellectual property rights

Copyright and/or industrial design rights

This Site is a work authored by Renault within the meaning of Articles L. 111.1 et seq. of the French intellectual property code. Tipik Communication Agency has designed and developed the Site.

All photographs, texts, slogans, drawings and designs, images, animated sequences with or without sound and all works included in the Site are the property of Renault or of third parties that have authorised Renault to use them.

All paper and electronic reproductions of the Site and of works and vehicle models reproduced herein are authorised for use, provided that they are strictly for personal use, i.e. not used for advertising and/or commercial and/or information purposes, and that they comply with Article L122-5 of the French intellectual property code.

Except for the above provisions, any reproduction, representation, use or modification, by any process and via any medium, of some or all of the Site, of the works and vehicle models hereon in whole or in part, without prior authorisation by Renault is strictly prohibited and constitutes a forgery punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a €300,000 fine.


The name Renault, the Renault logo (lozenge), the names of products and services offered by Renault, and the slogans and logos accompanying these brands are registered trademarks of Renault or other Group companies, unless otherwise specified.

Any reproduction, imitation, use or overlay of these trademarks without prior authorisation by Renault or their respective owners constitutes a forgery punishable by four years’ imprisonment and a €400,000 fine.

Subject to the provisions of the TCAU, users shall not copy, modify or reproduce, in whole or in part, in any form, the information or other items on the Site, shall not modify the Site, and shall not act in any way that breaches Renault’s intellectual property rights or the rights of third parties that have authorised Renault to use them. Use of an intellectual property right belonging to Renault or a third party that has authorised Renault to use it is strictly forbidden unless expressly authorised by the TCAU.

Article 3: Hypertext links

Renault shall in no case be liable for the content, products or services offered on the sites to which may be linked by hypertext links or any other type of link. 

Article 4: Security

By using, you agree to refrain from doing anything that may cause a technical, functional or other breakdown to affect the functioning of the Site or of any server or service accessible through the Site.

By using the Site or any server or service accessible from it, you agree to comply with the national and international laws and regulations in force, as well as rights of third parties, and to take no action that may harm the image of Renault in any way. You also agree to indemnify our company and hold it harmless with respect to any actions by third parties in connection with the content of the information you may make available in the space constituted by the Site, and in particular any actions resulting from an attack on personality rights, intellectual property rights, public order, accepted moral standards, privacy (right of personal portrayal, etc.) or any criminal provisions set forth in prevailing national and/or international laws or regulations. In this regard, you agree to indemnify Renault for all fees, charges and expenses we have to bear as a result of such actions, including all reasonable fees charged by our company’s advisors.

Renault agrees to take all necessary action to ensure the security of the information that you make available to it in the space constituted by the Site.

However, Renault cannot guarantee that electronically transmitted messages will not be intercepted. Notwithstanding Article 3, we ask you to refrain from sending personal information that is irrelevant or sensitive via the Site. If you wish to send such information to Renault, please do so by post.

Article 5: Responsibility

Users wishing to do so accept the TCAU of their own free will and, in doing so, take on all the ensuing obligations. Users therefore assume sole and complete responsibility for using the Site and agree to comply with the provisions set forth herein, as well as the rules governing activity on the Site and all applicable laws and regulations in force that concern users’ activities on the Site, via the site or in connection with it.

User input (content or any other items users may provide, record, make available to Renault or make available via the Site) must not: 

  • contain viruses or spyware that may damage the Site, slow it down or generally interfere with its orderly operation 
  • be false, untruthful or deceitful 
  • have been improperly acquired or violate rights of a third party 
  • infringe on codes or laws in force 
  • contain items that could be construed as harassment or that are harmful, defamatory, violent, vulgar, obscene, hateful or open to criticism from a racial or ethnic point of view, that are contrary to accepted moral standards, or  are contrary to public order, decency or child protection norms 
  • jeopardise the internal and external brand image of Renault or the Renault Group. 

The information and services available via the Site are provided as-is. Errors or omissions may occur. Renault provides no explicit or implied undertaking and accepts no liability for the use that is made of this information, the services or the Site.

Users accept solely responsibility for using the Site and the information and services accessible via the Site. Users also acknowledges that neither Renault nor any of its subsidiaries or members of the Renault network shall be held liable for direct or indirect damages, and in particular for pecuniary damages, non-pecuniary damages, loss of data or programs, or financial damages resulting from access to or use of the Site or any site linked to it, or for the interruption, suspension, modification or abandonment of the Site or any of its features. The content of the site is presented with no guarantee of any kind, and users expressly acknowledges this to be the case.

Renault may take all measures it deems necessary or appropriate with regard to, on the one hand, access and/or use of the Site and its services by users, and on the other hand, items supplied by users. In particular, Renault may interrupt, limit, suspend, or prohibit access to the site, in whole or in part, without prior notice or compensation, if users engage in behaviour or activities prohibited by laws or regulations in force or the TCAU. The provisions of this Article shall remain in force after the TCAU have expired or been revoked.

Article 6: Suspension or interruption of access

Renault may at any time temporarily or permanently limit or suspend access to 

  • if a user violates these TCAU, without prejudice to any other rights of our company 
  • in the event of technical problems with the site’s publication and operation infrastructure. 

If the interruption of access is final, users agree to destroy immediately all copies of our Site and/or its contents.

Article 7: Applicable law

Unless otherwise stipulated in the legislation of the User's country – such as a national mandatory provision – the content and all the rights and obligations of the parties generated or relating to the use of the site are subject to internal French legislation and shall be interpreted and applied pursuant to it. Any dispute must firstly be the subject of an attempt at amicable settlement between the parties before being submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the PARIS courts to which the parties acknowledge the exclusive power to hand down decisions, notwithstanding multiple defendants or compensation applications from third parties. 

Article 8: Updates to the TCAU 

Renault reserves the right to modify and update access to the Site as well as the TCAU at any time. Given these modifications and updates, users must regularly check this section to ensure they are aware of the TCAU currently in force. 

Article 9: 

RENAULT endeavours to create a site without borders, with consistent standards and complying with local laws. Unless otherwise stipulated in the local legislation of a user's country, the user(s) being outside the territory of France accepts that the information can be transferred and processed in France, in compliance with French and European law in force.