The winners of the international challenge Your Ideas Your Initiatives


We are glad to announce the winners of the 2015-2016 edition of the Your Ideas Your Initiatives international challenge.

The winner schools are Fudan International (China - ), Clermont (Colombia - and Fatih Ataturk Anatolian (Turkey - and a special mention was given to los Caobos (Colombia - They will all receive a prize of 900€ to develop new projects at their school.

We invite you to discover the dedication, hard work, and sense of fun that they have been developing while raising awareness in their schools, homes and communities to insure safer roads for everyone.

We also encourage you to discover the seven finalists’ initiatives: 

Colégio Batista - Unidade Bauru ( Brazil - )
Shanghai Shangde Experimental School ( China - )
Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School ( India - )
Instituto Cumbres Mexico ( Mexico - )
Lyceum - Boarding School Nº 2 ( Russia - )
ETS Mija Stanimirovic ( Serbia - )
IES Saulo Torón    ( Spain - )

2,417 students from 13 countries around the globe participated in this year’s challenge, bringing an essential message of road safety to their communities through creative and inspired projects.

We are grateful to each and every one of the 85 schools which participated and congratulate all of the students involved; their efforts have contributed to a more responsible use of our roadways, and to the cause of saving lives.