Why do schools participate in the Your Ideas Your Initiatives challenge?


When introduced to this program for the first time, schools always find it very interesting and relevant; quite often in our first contact they report some road safety or mobility problems which daily affect the students and staff. Therefore, this free program gives them an opportunity to raise awareness and improve critical situations.  When schools decline the invitation to join this challenge it is mainly because their curricular program is already full. The experience with this project is so positive for the whole educational community that many schools want to participate in the next edition, with a new group and a new problem to address. The program is inexhaustible to the extent that there is always a new specific problem that can be improved and, even for the same problem, the focus, the target publics, the type of campaign and communication strategies that can be used are innumerous.
In this sixth edition we have “veteran” schools, participating for the second, third, fourth and fifth time and it’s very rewarding for me to know their enthusiasm with the project is being kept alive. Just to mention a couple of examples, we have a Lebanese school, "Jesus and Mary School” that has been joining this challenge every year since 2012! We have a Colombian school, Institute Caldas that included this project in a four-year curriculum program to improve the mobility at school, which is fantastic!