Interview with Sandra, educational advisor for the Your Ideas Your Initiatives program


It’s my fourth edition collaborating with the program Your Ideas Your Initiatives and I feel privileged that my daily job is to be in contact with schools, presenting them with this educational challenge and supporting them in its actualization. 
What I like about this program is its openness, flexibility and the wide variety of problems and solutions related to road safety and sustainable mobility that students can work on, depending on the reality they face in their physical and cultural environment. Each school is able to take this project and adapt it to their available resources and to their structure; there is not a standard way to approach it.
 It seems to me fundamental that schools present to their students projects that stimulate a participative and active citizenship and Your Ideas Your Initiatives encourages this very important dimension. With this program, students are called to observe and analyze their environment critically and, collectively, they have to think of alternative, potential solutions that could bring positive changes for road safety and/or mobility. It seems incredible to me the empowerment of the students in the sense that they realize the awareness and transformative power they can have in their communities.
As an educational adviser of this program, what I enjoy the most and what most fulfills me is to act at the educational level, to be in contact with the schools, to see how their projects are growing, the enthusiasm, dedication and positive energy students and teachers put into their group work,and the closeness that I establish with them during our contacts for six months.  In May, when schools present their projects on our website I feel really excited; I’ve always been very impressed by the great quality of the schools’ projects, by the students’ efforts and their huge creativity, by their results, feedback and achievements. I carry with me this feeling of being proud of all of them and it reinforces my belief of how very important it is to give pupils the opportunity to be leaders of their projects, showing their talents, using them for community service and action.
I thank all of the participating schools from the different editions for their commitment to road safety and sustainable mobility!
I invite schools to join us in this adventure and to feel free to contact me for more information: