Interview with Philippe, manager of Safety and Mobility For All


How can we truly achieve changes in road users’ behaviour? This is the question I asked myself nearly 7 years ago when I took the reins of the Safety and Mobility for All educational programme, and the question key players in road safety ask themselves daily. We all know that while communicating a simple message can be enough to educate an already convinced audience, it is not enough to challenge those who are more reticent. The question becomes even more urgent when it comes to training, where the expected outcome is a change in behaviour, a personal commitment to appropriate and apply responsible behaviour.
For many years, Renault has been involved in road safety initiatives for young people, based on the principle that good habits and reflexes are acquired at an early age. Because it is important to remember that children, too, are also road users when they are travelling on foot, rollerblades or on bikes. They also often instil good behaviour in their parents who, like each of us, sometimes forget some of the rules of safe driving, whether as drivers or simply as citizens. Our core activities include providing teachers with educational materials that can help them guide them in developing their road safety lessons. We have developed the scheme over the years, by creating competitions, drawings for the younger ones, and posters for older ones.
With the ‘Your Ideas Your Initiatives’ campaign, launched in 2011, we have, I believe, gone even further in teaching good practices, encouraging young people to be agents of change. It’s no secret that the best teaching methods involve ‘learning by doing’. Between the very first edition of the international competition and the one that ended in mid-2016, we have seen in incredible rise in the standard of projects submitted. But there has been one constant: in all schools, in all countries, there is enthusiasm and genuine commitment to solving real-life road safety and mobility issues. We are proud to have so far taken over 14,700 students from 270 schools, in 30 countries, along with us on this adventure. The momentum is gaining, and the campaign’s reputation continues to grow. Each year, new participants are inspired to join us, bringing their contribution to the common yet fragile cause of sustainable mobility; this capacity to not only travel, but to do so safely.