School name





12 students




9th grade


Avenue Bir Kacem, Souissi, Rabat 10170



A group of students from 9th grade worked together to find solutions to some problems of Moroccan road safety, such as under age driving, drunk and driving and road safety.

The ideas

Each student was assigned a specific problem in order to find solutions. When everyone had fulfilled their task, we gathered all the resources together and worked on them as a group.
The first group was in charge of conducting a research concerning Moroccan pedestrians’ behaviors, their responsibilities in car accidents and ways to improve their attitudes toward traffic laws, as road users .
The second group focused on road safety in general. Each member of this group was involved in a specific part of the work which was divided in three parts: visibility, the use of seatbelt and under age driving .

The Initiatives

After we had gathered all the resources, we chose the best parts which we thought would be suitable to our project. Then, each group presented their project and other students had the chance to give their feedback which helped in the process of choosing the more relevant content .
As citizens we are responsible for our actions and we should be a good example by respecting the traffic laws. We also worked on how to raise awareness among students concerning road safety and its rules. We are planning to give presentations on these topics to allow everybody to participate in this campaign.


Sorry for our late sumbit. The reason behind our delay due to the fact we had thought we only needed to send our project by gmail, but eventually we were infromed that we had to follow some certain steps to get this job done. Thank you

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