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In this version of Your Ideas Your Initiatives 2017, our school, Instituto Caldas, continues strengthening the institutional mobility program. SemoC is a group of 25 students who develop strategies oriented by the teacher in a research context.

The ideas

As senior students, we want to leave an imprint for ours and future generations at school by promoting an autonomous, friendly and sustainable culture. Our starting point was the analysis done in 2016 of the mobility at school and the achieved goals after developing improvement strategies. Our research tools were observation and a community survey done with students, teacher, and parents through the school website. The results obtained from these tools showed that there is no mobility culture in our community, and the lack of traffic signals was critical at student’s entrance in the morning. It’s important to have in mind that most of the students arrive at school by many kinds of vehicles, and the parking lot may not be sufficient for the amount of vehicles entering at that time.

Keeping in mind the results from the previous year, we have continued our work this year by interviewing the community to see if the strategies implemented on 2016 were satisfactory and to determine what we have to work on in 2017.

The Initiatives

To strengthen an autonomous, friendly and sustainable culture at school, after having the results from the interviews, we had a brainstorming session which resulted in the strategies that we are implementing in 2017. Such strategies are to be recognized as a mobility seedbed in the school, with mobility workshops for the students at every level –preschool, elementary, and high school- and educative campaigns for mobility: inviting to the school an ecological seedbed (OIKOS) to join our work, painting footprints on the paths to show the proper routes around the school; continuing to promote our activities through the school’s media and social networks, making mobility simulations to evaluate the community’s reaction in situations of distress, and finally putting together the second version of the Mobility Rally.

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