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Using alcohol and psychoactive substances

Prva tehnička škola Kruševac

Based on the previous observation of traffic participants in our city Krusevac, we can conclude that a big percentage of participants in traffic behave improperly as drivers. Observing students ( 17-19 years) in our school and outside as well, we noticed that a lot of them use alcohol and other psychoactive substances. We wanted to address a problem in our city because, based on the last years analysis of casual accidents, it has been established that the use of alcohol while driving was the second most important cause of accidents.

The ideas

Driving under the influence of alcohol raises the risk of the occurrence of an accident. The risk increases  from 20 to 60 times, if the driver has over 1,5ml of alcohol in the body. Also, drunk drivers have 40 times more risk of accidents with injured persons and about 160 times more risk of accident with dead people. Our project consisted of making and sharing flyers in all high schools, all in purpose of raising awareness of the traffic participants. We also interviewed students of final grades of our school. The purpose of analyzing questionnaires was to determine the attitudes of the interviewed persons about driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive substances.

The initiatives

We made a poster which has been put in the central hall of our school. The poster contained pictures and messages intended for participants in the traffic. We made a short video about a group of teenagers as we wanted to show how they should and how they shouldn’t behave in traffic. We recorded a scene in a café when a couple of teenagers are consuming alcohol and after that they wind up with a car. The video intended to make it clear that teenagers themselves can choose in between the two behaviors.


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