Urban Mobility and Traffic Violence in Florianópolis

Urban Mobility and Traffic Violence in Florianópolis


Florianópolis is an insular city, which faces many difficulties in the area of urban mobility, due to its excellent quality of life and natural beauty, factors that attract more inhabitants each day, causing higher accident rates.

The ideas

Trying to deepen the knowledge, understand the causes and search for solutions to the issue of traffic violations and urban mobility in Florianopolis and the surrounding region, the students of 9th grade Colégio Catarinense's middle school, directed by teachers of various subjects, made research into the multiple facets of this reality and came up with a project presenting this reality and possible solutions.
The work demonstrated the importance of having a profound knowledge about the negative aspects of the city we live in; we are the main characters of our reality. The role of a citizen urges awareness of responsibility and the necessity of acting as agents of transformation.

The initiatives

Many working groups were created and many projects were done: a play about traffic responsibility, drinking and driving; the importance of security equipment; the relevance of traffic signs; the mobility of people with special needs; the importance of bicycle lanes; the changes in the urban scenery throughout history and the significant role of education in this process. At the end of the project, photos, folders, pamphlets, posters, banners, infographics and videos about the day to day routine of the city were made to be presented afterwards.

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