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Transit of the city project / Sesi Loanda

Colegio Sesi Loanda

This project aims to improve mobility and traffic awareness in the city of Loanda-Pr. Through data collection and verification of the main traffic problems in the municipality such as: lack of signage, disrespect to traffic laws, poor conditions of pavement and painting of pedestrian tracks, we created a project law proposal with the intention of reminding the Municipality of its responsibility in the installation and maintenance of improvements in the city's traffic infrastructures.

The ideas

We organized our team in 3 groups and each one toured some neighborhoods of the city collecting information, approaching residents and drivers of vehicles. The people approached were questioned about what were the main problems observed in community transit. The result was discussed together and we came to the conclusion that a number of improvements were needed: Create pedestrian lanes, bumpy bends, improve paving of city streets and avenues, and punish offenders. In our city there are no municipal traffic guards, so the signaling rules are not enforced and respected by the vast majority of the population.


The initiatives

The Urban Mobility Plan is a legal obligation of all cities with more than 20 thousand inhabitants. After determining the facts, we decided to create a law project proposal to predict improvements and adaptations in the transit of the city of Loanda-Pr. We had a meeting in the City Council in which we shared our concerns and delivered our project proposal , which will be subject to analysis / discussion and voting by the councilmen.

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