Ternopil public school #24

Ternopil public school #24


The roads have become very dangerous because a lot of drivers or pedestrians ignore the rules. So we decided to change the situation and help people to remember the rules and save their lives in such a way.

The ideas

Welcome to the Ukraine! We understand that our country now has a high profile because of the political events of this year. But we’d like to invite you to our country. And you can experience a lot of great things. So what interesting things would you say after your visit? We are sure that you’d mention that Ukraine is a beautiful European country, the people offer great hospitality, there are picturesque places and… really bad roads. The latter causes a lot of traffic problems.

More than 40% of accidents happen because rules are neglected or children do not pay attention on the roads or play next to them (we may say that is the biggest, or first problem for our citizens).

There is also a high level of car accidents because of drunk or speeding drivers (the second problem). And the third reason is the cell phones, or rather the drivers who are constantly talking on them.

Most of the pupils arrive at school by bus or their parents drive them. As a result, the roads have become very dangerous because a lot of drivers and pedestrians ignore the rules. So we started a campaign to teach the rules of traffic safety.

The initiatives

The most important thing for us was to raise the interest of schoolchildren to learn the rules of traffic safety. We tried to involve the whole school community. All the activities we did were aimed at pupils depending on age groups to study and promote the rules. We think it’s a really effective way to learn rules if all the participants (adults and children) are involved. The most numerous learners were the youngest (6–9 years old). We had a lot of ideas and after we analysed them we chose the best ones. So most of the activities were organised in the form of games or fun activities (as we are aware that people better remember interesting things).

Activities we organised:
• The most numerous were interesting lessons (for more than 1000 children of all age groups). Traffic police were invited to teach lessons to all age groups. After that our team taught more lessons to the younger learners.
• Rules can be sweet! We gave candy to the schoolchildren who could name at least one road safety rule
• ‘Happy breaks’ with games for the youngest (for more than 400 kids)
• A school drawing competition for the youngest. More than 200 pupils took part.
• The school competition ‘Let me give you some advice’. Teachers and other pupils voted and helped us to choose the winners. We printed the best entries and gave them to drivers and pedestrians (every Wednesday we do it together with the traffic policemen).
• Coloured flash-mob
• Teachers and the oldest students of our school help us to watch the roads near the school and help the youngest children to cross the road before and after lessons
• The day without cell phones
• A ‘traffic corner’. During the period of the project we drew a small traffic ground on the school yard and our next step will be to fix a big traffic ground at the school with the help of local authorities.
During this period we achieved our goal, as due to our actions there are three age groups who now study this topic at the school.

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