Television program and publicity. “We all win”

Television program and publicity. “We all win”

Escuela Técnica N°28 Republica Francesa

A television program based on games and publicity in which correct road safety and sustainable mobility behaviour is learnt

The ideas

Our teachers from the Social Science Department proposed us to participate in YOUR Ideas YOUR Initiatives and we accepted the challenge. We read and analyzed the bases of the project, bibliographic material and suggested activities. In our classes, the teachers promoted debates on different topics and we had the chance to share our reflections and personal examples of road behaviour for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. We searched statistics of traffic accidents in Argentina and particularly in the City of Buenos Aires and we also created a survey that we distributed in the school setting, asking the students to also share it in their homes. Our survey had questions related to road signs, roles in the public road and risk factors.

The initiatives

We decided to design a television program and publicity. Once we had agreed how we wanted it to look like and the messages we wanted to share, each class course worked on a different content. The TV program would have the format of games, each one with focus on specific risk behaviors and road safety issues.
We created the following games:

  • Safe-bike: Given the large number of accidents caused by cyclists and the terrible consequences those accidents cause due to the lack of usage safety equipment, we intended to promote compliance with the law in a fun way.
  • Helmet exchange campaign: It consists in encouraging the use of the helmet in a didactic way.
  • Sustainable race: This promotes the use of sustainable vehicles, thus protecting the environment.
  • The dizzy: It demonstrates the damage caused by the consumption of alcohol and drugs (loss of reflexes and reaction capacity), and its consequences when people drive under their effects.
  • Good examples: Here we describe the daily traffic offences which generate road accidents.
  • Advertisement with road safety recommendations
  • Road advice: Autochthonous folksong in which we advise the community on how to prevent accidents.

In order to shoot the TV program we have made the props and setting of each game, we provided resources such as space, actors and equipment, we got the authorizations for image use. Then we scheduled an extended day, combining the morning and afternoon shifts, with the exclusive purpose of shooting and we used the facilities of the school and the exterior area (sidewalk and surrounding streets). The task was completed with the editing of the video and its presentation to all the participants. We will also present our work to the whole school community in the annual science fair called “TESLAPOLIS.”
With our campaign we aimed to raise awareness on important road safety topics and also the importance of a sustainable mobility. Besides we wanted to encourage the learning of road behaviours as a cross-curricular content in other subjects of the school.

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