Special Parking Spaces


Our project is a raising awareness campaign on the misuse of preferential parking spaces for elderly and people with disabilities. Even with a reduced number of these parking spaces, many people use them without necessity saying "It's just a quick stop" that won't cause any problem. Our motto is "Be conscious! If you don't need the position it is not yours even for a minute".


The ideas

The special parking space is a right assured by Federal Law with use regulated by Resolution of the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN), which determines that 5% of the total spaces of the regulated parking are for the elderly and 2% for people with disabilities. Even though the number of available spaces is minimal, many people who do not fit this preference use these spaces. Therefore, thinking about these reasons, we chose this theme for the development of this project. Therefore, in order to find out if people really understand for whom the preferential parking spaces are destined, we prepared a simple virtual questionnaire, with the participation of 179 people, related to the understanding of who the preferential parking spaces are destined for and if these spaces have already been used without being from the group to which these spaces are destined.

The initiatives

With the results, the next step was to create an awareness folder published on social networks.

We made an informative video to raise awareness. In this video we have the collaboration of a traffic warden who explains what the preferred positions are, what percentage of those positions in the city, who is entitled to them, the need for a credential that gives the right to use those positions and how to have access to that credential. It also explains the penalties applied to those who misuse the vacancies: penalty on the driver's license and a fine. The traffic warden still comments that there are many violations and that we can all be agents of awareness when we see that the vacancies are being misused. We also included in our video ten testimonies of people who are entitled to these positions and who have credentials, and two of these testimonies were in Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS), which also allows us to get our message to more people. Our motto is "Be conscious! If you don't need the position it is not yours even for a minute".



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