Slow down you're driving too fast

Slow down you're driving too fast


Road safety is the responsibility of all citizens whether they already drive or not. In collaboration with Kunhadi, and funded by Tiny but Mighty, a small team of students was able to improve the condition of a road in our school area.

The ideas

The brainstorming sessions yielded more than 20 project ideas, some targeting the safety of pedestrians, others of drivers or even both. So the team members divided themselves into multiple taskforces to examine project locations and eliminate the ones that did not call for urgent action.

However all projects focused on finding an action plan to improve one of the roads in the vicinity of the school where several accidents were reported.

Our primary project was to build a bridge for pedestrians to cross from one side of a very busy main road to the other. But naturally, the cost of such a project made us look for an alternative course of action!

The initiatives

In 2013 alone the Cornet Chehwan Branch of the Red Cross registered 176 car accidents on the main road between Mtayleb and Aatchaneh.

Struck by these numbers, the JM team decided to work in collaboration with the Municipality of Beit Al Chaar in developing a safe pedestrian crossing in the area.

The JM team worked in collaboration with Kunhadi to ensure a safe road crossing for all cars using the main road, with the aim of significantly reducing the risks of life-threatening accidents.

Project Implementation:
On the road we put the following:
1. Signs
2. Cat eyes in three different places
Cost: $6000

The Team worked relentlessly to find a sponsor willing to fund their project.

Tiny but Mighty is a healthy and organic caterer located in Bayada, Cornet Chehwan. They believed in the team’s work and funded the entire project.

The project was scheduled to be executed on 6‒8 May 2014.
The JM team is still working to promote this project in the media and encourage their peers to take action in developing similar plans to reduce the number of car accidents across Lebanese territories.

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