Safe Traffic

Colégio Sesi Ortigueira

Through the observations carried out in the city of Ortigueira-PR, we noted some problems in terms of safety on the road. Therefore, we, the students of the School (Sesi) decided to use the digital mediums to raise awareness on the importance of a more safe traffic.  

The ideas

Our project aims to raise awareness on the dangerous behaviors that impacts road safety and reach as many personas as possible.  We created a page on Instagram to target mainly young people and though this channel they could interact, sharing their questions and ideas.

The initiatives

Our initial plan was to make posters and place them in the city’s heart. This way, citizens could see our messages and reflect on their own behaviors and make their behaviors more responsible to respect road safety.

Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 spread we had to make changes. We decided to use online tools and Instagram is a very popular social network and it was our choice to share our message and reach a great number of people, especially young people. Also this social platform allows interaction, participation, which is a positive point. This way we shared different posts about traffic accidents and ideas on how to improve road safety problems in our city.

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