Students dress to do our campaign about the importance ofsafe driving

Safe Driving: a small action can save a life

Colégio Sesi Internacional e Nacional de Cascavel

Through some debates we realized  driving without qualification, high accident rates for traffic violations are present daily in our community. In this way we identified a serious problem in our school community that corresponds to the theme "safe direction". Through this result, we have chosen to explore in our action the project Your Ideas, Your Initiatives the issue of traffic violations and their effects on the safe driving. 

The ideas

In order to identify our problem, the teachers conducted moments of conversation and reflection with the students of both schools discussing what we understood by safe direction, which aspects and procedures are connected to this concept, and finally what challenges or problems existed in the transit and direction in the community of Cascavel. Several subjects were brought up for discussion such as: people driving without a license, not use of seatbelts, use of alcohol, high speed, no respect for pedestrians. Thus it was observed that many infractions are committed in traffic and the drivers and pedestrians are not aware of the consequences of the reckless driving. After the problematization about safe driving, questions were developed to guide the field research to investigate the percentage of people who knew the difference between minor, medium and serious infractions and how many of them had already suffered or witnessed car accidents. The survey had the participation of 262 people and it was possible to realize that 43% of people had already suffered accidents and 57% had already witnessed traffic accidents. Through this result, we have chosen to explore in our action the project for Your Ideas Your Initiatives the issue of traffic violations and their effects in safe driving.

The initiatives

After the analysis of the results of the research were made, the actions were decided. The first action was a lecture with our parents in which Cetrans presented data on the accident rates in Cascavel as well as small attitudes that can change this scenario. The second action was to develop an awareness game. The proposed game is called Strain'n Street and has four phases, in each of which pedestrians aim to cross the streets and reach their final destination alive. The challenge of each stage is that drivers are committing infractions all the time. At each level an infraction is present. In level 1 cars pass non-stop on the pedestrian lane, in level 2 cars cross the traffic light even though they are red, in level 3 cars are moving in the opposite hand and finally in level 4 the drivers are drunk. The game aims to educate the community about the dangers faced daily in traffic in a dynamic and fun way. It was developed from the beginning to the end by ourselves: we had a group of designers and another group of programmers who took care of every detail of each level. The game was socialized on PlayStore,making it possible to download the game and play offiline. We made the propaganda about the game using instagram, facebook, whatsapp and we handed out flyers with the informations of the research and the game propaganda.

The third action was accomplished in two days by means of two Pit Stops, one happened in front of the school and the other in traffic lights in the center of the city of Cascavel. In the pit stop we made posters, handed out flyers and characterized ourselves as victims of traffic accidents. We approached drivers to convey the message about the importance of Safe Driving and the importance of following the laws. In the pit stops also a pamphlet containing the information about the research data was provided, as well as the link for the drivers to download the game and have fun while they learn. The awareness actions were made in partnership with Cetrans and the May Yellow campaign. On the day of the action we had the presence of a radio and a television network, as well as the support of Cetrans employees. All actions were also disseminated in social networks for greater impact and reach in society. It was possible to evaluate the impact of our actions through conversations with the students as well as through the feedback obtained by the evaluation of the game in the play store. In the playstore we had positive comments about the game, but also a lot of suggestion to improve it in further updates. About the other campaings a round table was made to hear students out and what they have learned.

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