Road Safety story ISSA

Road Safety story ISSA

Integrovaná střední škola automobilní v Brně

Five students from the Integrovaná střední škola automobilní v Brně school used interactive digital animation to raise awareness of road safety issues in the Czech Republic’s South Moravian Region.

The ideas

To identify and make in-depth, individual studies of high-risk intersections in South Moravia. To carefully research and document these accident hotspots, represent findings in a clear, contemporary, engaging and interactive manner, and propose creative solutions.

The initiatives

Each student chose a section of highway where they perceived problems with road safety. They then researched, took photographs and wrote up their findings (see the powerpoint uploaded with this report). This is what they found.

Lukáš Vláčil
Intersection Obvodová Street with Přístavní Street (Brno-Bystrc)
Close to this student’s home, this intersection is subject to heavy and fast-moving traffic. Lukáš identified an ambiguous situation for pedestrians, who often crossed the roads despite the lack of traffic lights. He made accident ratio and traffic density studies, and concluded that the intersection requires speed bumps to slow drivers down.

Filip Knopp
Května Square with Legionářská Street (Kuřim)

Filip noted the congestion and long traffic queues that formed on this section of road every afternoon. During his investigation he also discovered problems with speeding cars, access for heavy goods vehicles and a danger of collision. He also suggested speed reduction measures, as well as a roundabout and a need to improve the surface of the road.

Martina Horáková
Zvonařka Street, continuing as Opuštěná Street with Plotní Street (Brno)

Taking her camera out to document traffic in her town, Martina was quick to realise that the long traffic jams at this crossroads could be eased by the addition of an extra lane. She reports that although this busy junction is not acknowledged as dangerous, it is much more problematic than it appears.

Kateřina Pálková
Trnkova Street with Zaoralova Street (Brno-Líšeň)
Kateřina was quick to realise the danger presented by intoxicated or inattentive drivers on this multiple-entry intersection that is nearby to a kindergarten and children’s playground. She carefully researched driver reaction time and illustrated her findings with eye-catching graphics.

Ladislav Šustáček
Jihlavská Street with Vídeňská Street (Brno-Štýřice)
This intersection is the main artery of Brno’s traffic system, a busy commuter intersection connecting four main roads. Ladislav identified problems for pedestrians, exacerbated by the presence of both cars and public trams, and urges better signage for all road users as well as traffic lights for trams in particular.

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