Road to... road safety

Road to... road safety


We designed caps, T-Shirt and a Prezi presentation on road safety, along with a pamphlet showing the importance of traffic lights. We used different methods to create awareness to portray one message –‘Drive Save as Road Safety Can Save Lives.

The ideas

This project is a way to create awareness among people about road safety. In our locality, people are less concerned about the rules that they should follow while driving or walking on the road. This is a group project and an initiative which we have taken to avoid road accidents which occur due to the irresponsible behavior of people.

The initiatives

We have organized awareness campaigns for both our school community as well outside our school community. We are a group of 6 people; we divided ourselves into pairs. The first pair was of Samiya and Zoha who have created an online road safety presentation on Prezi and a pamphlet for publishing; the second group was Arisha and Muneeza who designed a T-shirt with road safety slogans; and the third pair of Sarmad and Noman designed a cap depicting the importance of road safety. As it is said, actions are louder than words, so our group decided to create something which can be easily visible to people, like wearing a T-shirt or cap, seeing a pamphlet on roads or viewing a presentation while spending time on the Internet. These actions will make people realize their responsibilities and how to be a good citizen and create a better future.We ourselves learnt a lot from this project.

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