The road to children’s safety

Gimnazija Ivanjica

Many of us walk the streets every day. In a way, we're all participants in daily traffic. However, not all of us realize the importance of our awareness and of our behaviour. Attention is going to be brought to children, and everyone else, who don't understand the role and rules for their safety. We have also decided to put an accent on parking as that's also a part of traffic. As well as speedy driving, inappropriate parking plays a significant role in many car accidents.

The ideas

Since our high-school shares the school yard with a primary school, it was hard not to notice all the children crossing the street, and actively participating in local traffic. Even though there are traffic lights on the most frequently used zebra-crossing, a lot of us have been witnesses of potential accidents and nearly-missed accidents whose participants were those children and drivers. Raising awareness is the first step towards children’s safety.

The initiatives

We want to make young drivers more cautious when it comes to children: We tend to bring attention of children, their parents, and drivers (especially young, inexperienced drivers) on others. In our attempt to help young drivers understand these issues better, we have conducted polls, made presentations and spoken with them in hope of changing risky behaviours. The idea is to make them realize where they have been making mistakes so far and how those mistakes can influence people’s lives.

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