Pedestrians awareness

Pedestrians awareness


Students carried out an awareness campaign on pedestrian road safety by doing face to face interviews and reporting real statistics on the issue.

The ideas

The project began with a discussion in the classroom about what we knew about road safety. We noticed that we were missing information and decided to investigate during the next class. In the second meeting, we shared new information and were surprised by the quantity of accidents and deaths that could be prevented on public roads. We decided that each student would do two or three interviews with adults to get their impressions about the main road safety problems and about the rules that they usually break. When we shared the results of this small survey, we noticed that people have a higher level of consciousness as drivers than as pedestrians

The initiatives

Then we decided to focus our action on making pedestrians aware of this situation. After proposing different ideas and discussing the most effective ways of communication with the community, someone pointed out the reactions we had got in the first interviews; and consequently, we decided our method of intervention: we would ask people a few questions about their behavior as pedestrians and after that we would tell them the number of accidents and deaths caused by breaking the rules. We started interviewing our schoolmates, and continued the action with people on the street.
We thought that face to face interviews were the best way of doing this. This practice did not permit us to reach a large number of people but it had the advantage of forcing respondents to reflect on the issue and to receive the information we wanted to convey. The reactions were different in each case, but hardly any interviewee was indifferent to our message.
We think that the experience was positive as we became aware of an everyday problem. The whole activity allowed us to understand that small actions can improve coexistence in our community.

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