Motorcycles and Road Safety

Motorcycles and Road Safety


We are from San Patrick's School (Yerba Buena, Tucuman) and our project is based on a very common local problem, motorcycles accidents. We collected information and created a poster to make people realize the situation we are living in.

The ideas

Daily in Tucuman, Argentina, the news is mainly about transit accidents with motorcycles as the main protagonists. At government hospitals, around 500 motorcyclists are interned each year; 70% of them are found riding without a helmet. This causes very dangerous problems when riders put themselves in such situations. Usually, in motorcycle accidents more than one person is riding the same bike; this means that not only one person's life is in danger, but the life of someone in their family or a friend's life is too. Because of this, we chose to research and inform ourselves to arrive at a conclusion, what we hope to be a possible or viable solution. Trying to avoid tragedies and help our society, we proposed getting involved in this project and participating in this contest. After an hour of brainstorming of very good ideas, we decided to focus on motorcycles. Another group in our school decided to treat another important topic, traffic at our school.

The initiatives

To find a solution, we decided to do two surveys; we gave one to motorcycle drivers and the other to transit managers. We observed that several riders used helmet but didn't respected the rules, while the majority of them wear no helmet. With this we found out that a huge amount of drivers are uniformed about our transit rules. With the other survey, we discovered a horrible truth; transit managers do not have the authority to apply fees to misbehaving motorcyclists. This, we concluded, allows people to do whatever they want when it comes to driving. Our intension has then been to propose to our government the possible solutions raised in the PowerPoint presentation. Also we designed a poster to make people realize the danger they are putting themselves in. To summarize, our initiatives were to research and make people aware of the situation we live in.


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