The car that we used to shoot the scenes

Make a difference, pay attention

Escuela Técnica N°9 DE 7 Ing. Luis A. Huergo

In our country, Argentina, almost 20 people die on average per day because of traffic accidents. After finding out this alarming truth, we started this project, so people would become aware of the reality.

The ideas

One day, all the members of the team gathered around a table. We started thinking about why there were so many accidents in the city. It wasn’t very hard to conclude that everyone in this country is always in a rush, so that must be the problem... Or is it?

We did some research, and discovered that on average 20 people died every single day because of this problem (11 of them being under 35), an alarming value and, according to the World Health Organization, that number represents almost 0,55% of the traffic accidents in the world, and more or less 2% of the causes of death in Argentina. It’s doesn’t seem that much, but let’s do the math: in one year, 7,300 people die in car crashes, 4,088 of them under 35 years old. In ten years, that number would be 73,000 people that die in this type of accident... Scary, isn’t it?

After being aware of this information, we started our campaign.

The initiatives

Our campaign is aimed at showing the difference that paying attention to the road could make, or not, when someone is behind the wheel. We did this by portraying some common scenarios that are present nowadays in the streets of Argentina and identifying reckless driving behaviors. We want to change people's way of thinking, so that next time they are driving, they are more aware of their surroundings.

We decided to create a video, because with social media these days, everyone (with few exceptions) is online, checking Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter or YouTube. With this approach, everyone can watch our representation of reality, share it, and reach a lot of people. First reactions in our school were great!

With all this said and done, please watch the video and don't forget to share it!

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