Integrovaná střední škola automobilní v Brně

Integrovaná střední škola automobilní v Brně


Solving a city’s traffic problems is no easy task, but 9 students in the Czech Republic decided to try. The result was a very professional analysis of the key traffic issues with practical solutions for each one.

The ideas

9 students at the Brno Integrated Automobile Secondary School wanted to do something to help make their roads safer. After analysing on the traffic situation in the Brno area, they chose to create an initiative that explored three avenues: the causes behind traffic accidents, the issue of billboards at intersections, and the problems with parking lots.

They began to brainstorm on the different areas to try to develop solutions for each one of them. Once they had some ideas they got serious about conducting research to back them up.

They found that the main actions when driving include not giving way to other drivers, not adjusting speed to road conditions, passing cars without sufficient time and distance and following too close, among others. Drivers are more likely to have bad road behavior like this if they are tired, intoxicated or under stress.

About the billboards at Brno intersections, the students were clear on one thing – the billboards would have to go. They distract drivers from what they should be doing and the result is accidents and traffic jams. The students strongly advocated simply removing all billboards, but failing that they suggested installing a camera system which would result in fines for drivers who aren’t paying attention.

Finally, the enormous parking lots in Brno are not made for pedestrians! The students wanted to share a plan to make these places safer.

The initiatives

In order to share their great solutions, the students decided to create an awareness campaign. It would not focus solely on the three main problems and their solutions but also on road safety issues in general, like safety in vehicle operation, safe vehicle speed, traffic regulations, traffic signs, and parking with the aim to prevent accidents.

They created a detailed and highly professional PowerPoint presentation, which they shared on the internet. They encouraged teachers to use the presentation as an educative resource, and hope to have the opportunity to deliver it to the appropriate traffic authorities in order to make their solutions a reality.

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