Healthy Way Project

Healthy Way Project

Colégio Sesi

We wanted to raise awareness on the bicycle as a means of transportation and we presented to the City Hall a proposal to implement a bicycle path.

The ideas

After the formation of the team for the discussion and the beginning of the work, several case analyzes were carried out regarding the planning and structure of traffic in the community. The observations and contributions guided the theme to the axis of sustainability, urban mobility and health, which are parts of the project's main foundation. The group came to the conclusion that something can be accomplished encompassing these three aspects and still others of fundamental importance and contribution in the construction of a community engaged in the issues related to traffic.

Driven by appreciation and regular practice of physical exercises, the group highlighted issues such as:

How can we combine urban mobility with health?

How to effectively raise awareness of the population of Telêmaco Borba, with respect to rules, coexistence and sociability in traffic?

How to make access to leisure points farther from the city center more attractive and challenging?

How to promote the valuation of municipal public assets in a fun, healthy and diversified way?

After the debate, we decided that our project would consist of the proposal of a bicycle path for the city

To collect relevant information for our initiative, we carried out a bibliographic research on cycle routes and the Brazilian Traffic Code; efficient transportation; implementation of a project of bicycle lane. Also, we created a questionnaire to know how people use public spaces for leisure and their interest and potential use of bike lanes. We managed to have 346 respondents in the central region of the city of Telemaco Borba and their answers showed they are in favor of bikes paths.

The initiatives

After the bibliographical research, the application of the field research, and the data collection, we elaborated the proposal of implantation of a cycleway in a specific point of the city, considered strategic, that was presented to the Mayor of the city in meeting with our team. This meeting took place on May 25 and we received full approval and support for the proposal. The Mayor presented us a route where they intend to implant another cycle path and he was receptive to the possibility of uniting the two projects, thus increasing the route and making its use even more attractive for the local population. We obtained an extremely satisfactory result and we believe that the City Hall was very satisfied with our initiative.

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