The growing problem with old vehicles

Sesi Ortigueira High School

     In Brasil consumers who acquire new vehicles, have the concept of doing maintenance only during the warranty period of the vehicle. After the warranty period, they never repair their vehicles anymore, leaving them circulating without the ideal maintenance for the safety of the transit.

    The Project searches for an ideal vehicle deal in which a periodic maintenance is included and with cheap prices for both sides, fulfilling that the same vehicle can be driven safely for the user and society.

The ideas

    The Project started with interviews of used and new cars' owners to better understand how they do the maintenance of their vehicles. We perceived that they only inspect their cars when it is still under warranty, after that they let go or only swap the oil in places where there is a warranty on the service. When the vehicles grow older, they don't perform any king of maintenance, leaving the car more and more deteriorated or scraped, wich in turn causes even more problem to the transit.

   In the interview with the Military Police, we could confirm that the majority of apprehended vehicles were without maintenance. These vehicles, when not removed to the junkyard, lead to serious accidents that occur because of falty safety reasons. With that we can conclude that car owners don't always have the necessary conditions to perform preventive maintenance and only perform maintenance when the car presents a serious problem that can compromise its fuctionality.

  To confirm what has been happening with cars in Ortigueira, mechanics were searched and interviewed so that we could know how the maintenance process is done: it was identified that out of 20 people the mechanics knew only 4 had performed preventive maintenance to their cars and the rest only performed maintenance when their car present a problem that compromise their cars' functionality.

The initiatives

Our initiative has focus on the final consumer, it consists in a campaign motivating car dealership to perform maitenance of the vehicles, but with more accessible prices, ensuring the quality of the service so that vehicles can transit safely. Besides that, the awareness of the car owners needs to be worked, so that they perform inspections on their vehicle more often.

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