Greener transportation in Martin

Greener transportation in Martin


Our goal was to persuade town officials of the necessity to include the community of skaters in the alternative transportation city planning and our school in the discussion and realisation of the future of transportation in our town of Martin.

The ideas

Our classes were based on discussing the material that was generated by the town (an audit of the transportation system). A few students worked on the design of LED lights for inline skaters.

After we had identified problems with our study on transportation, we compiled a list of questions to be asked in an interview with a town official, Ing. Ivana Bobrovská. Our meetings were aimed not only to provide new perspectives on the existing study and future planning, but to adopt closer ties with the town in future activities, especially in the area of alternative transportation and solving the issues that we have identified with existing infrastructure.

Also, as Martin was participating in a commuting to work by bicycle contest that started in May, we discussed the best way to help with the information campaign and volunteering for events during this month. Part of the campaign is to allow cyclists to cross the town square and inform them about safety precautions while crossing it, detailed in a give-out bulletin.

An important part of our safety precautions for not only cyclists but all members of non-motorist community were meetings with the town police. The creation of a police cyclo unit provided us with a unique opportunity to question professionals from both perspectives: users and controllers.

The initiatives

We have been working on the improvement of the design of LED lights for inline skaters since last year. As part of our initiative we exhibited them alongside the police who were tasked with ensuring the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in our town square.

We have identified problems with the existing infrastructure for cyclists, especially speed bumps, that limit or prevent the use of the roads by skaters and even endanger cyclists. The town officials and police have scheduled the removal of these obstacles in the near future.

After talks with the town officials, our school and students will be involved in the studies and projects about the planning and construction of new cycle paths and similar facilities.

Finally, we will continue to educate and inform citizens and visitors of Martin during joint campaigns financed by the town. Part of these efforts are various events organised by our students in our school.

The enclosed presentation documents multiple aspects of both our information campaign and our analysis of the existing transportation system issues.

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