Garbage Thrower

Garbage Thrower

Huanggang Polytechnic College

We have conducted a series of activities like publication online to offline, making vehicle-mounted green trash bag, exposure of the uncivilized behavior. The purpose is to improve citizen awareness to reduce the potential danger and make good life.

The ideas

Throwing the garbage out the window while driving not only pollutes the environment and increase the workload of sanitation men, but also cause traffic accidents. Statistics show that over 30% of accidents are caused by throwing things out the car window, which we should reflect on.

We carried out a survey to understand this phenomenon. We interviewed sanitation workers and pedestrians around the streets in Huanggang and collected 196 effective paper questionnaires and 351 e-questionnaires via QQ and WeChat. A lucky draw was launched to stimulate the participation in the survey. The questionaires show that there are 58% people who always throw garbages out of the window, 28% people sometimes and only 14% people never throw the garbages out of the window.

In conclusion, we found out that the bad habit is still active in our lives and become great danger to the road traffic safety.

The initiatives

Our team has designed the following activities which include on and off campus, in the purpose of improving citizen awareness and reducing the potential danger to make a better life.

We organized classmates to sign names on the banners and contacted the College to hang them. We published a proposal of refusing to throw the garbage out of the car window in the official website of the College and spread the danger of the garbage throwing on the road via social media. We also broadcasted it in a famous local automobile bbs “Youyiche lecture hall” and Yiaihu community.

We interviewed the sanitation workers and learned that throwing stuff out of car windows is common. We put up our reminding tips of refusing to throw the garbage on the windshield in the car. We walked into the Nanhu bus station and spread the related knowledge on the bus. We broadcast our activity with the help of Huanggang broadcasting and TV station. Apart from that, we contacted with the government and exposed the bad behavior on the road. The government helped us by exposing these car plate numbers in digital screen in Huanggang city. We made “eco-friendly vehicle-mounted garbage bags” and distribute them to drivers. According to the feedback, our garbage bags were very popular.

Through our efforts, many people understood the danger of throwing the garbage out of car window and will reduce this kind of uncivilized behaviors.

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