Dearth: No Alchohol On The Road

Dearth: No Alchohol On The Road


This project is about showing people one of the biggest problems on the roads – drunk driving. I have tried to get the message across by creating a game that will hopefully make people think about this problem.

The ideas

Our teacher told us about the ‘Your Ideas, Your Initiatives’ project. Once I heard about it I knew for sure that I would do my project on the problem of driving drunk. For me, it is just the biggest danger of all. About 30% of causalities of car accidents are due to driving while in a drunken state. I think those numbers are just way too high for them not to be noticed by people. I met people which were in car accidents before all because of people driving drunk on the road, horrible stories and all thanks to alcohol. So, I was certain about my topic: the dangers of driving drunk.

The initiatives

I started thinking about how could I present this problem to people so that they could understand the whole problem, so that they would get that feeling stuck in their heart and so that they would think it over. I hoped that maybe my project could really prevent even a few of those causalities. Since my childhood I have been into different types of games. I do understand them well. A lot of games are based on a problem which the developers are concerned about. I was always impressed by that and that is how I came up with this project. It sometimes scares me to think about what families of causalities feel. By making a game, I was hoping to get the message to people, to make people feel what those families feel. I think I did quiet well. I had some feedback from my teacher and few of my friends and they’ve said that it is pretty good. I am willing to make this game available on social networks for the public in the near future. I really do hope that the people who see my game will fully get the meaning and the message it represents.

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