Curitiba in Motion

Colégio SESI Boqueirão

The focus of our project is to raise cyclists’ awareness of the dangers of using bus lanes and show that bicycle paths are a safer way to ride a bike.

The ideas

SESI Boqueirão High School located in Curitiba, southern of Brazil, has a lot of students that use the bicycle as their main vehicle to get to school. In 2018 a study was made that showed that between 2014 and 2018 almost 597 cyclists were caught in an accident involving cars. Some cyclists use the bus channel to get faster to somewhere, but the dangers of this act are immeasurable.

The initiatives

The focus of our campaign is to reduce the number of accidents ocurring in bus channels, caused by cyclists who think this is an easier place to ride a bicycle.

We decided to make folders to show the number of accidents caused by cyclists and give advises on a safer way to ride a bike.

Our intention is to start a campaign in our school and community and deliver our folders to influence cyclists to ride safely.

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