The best example is Driving safety

The best example is Driving safety


It is impossible to educate and generate respectful behavior without providing a good example. This reality is brought to our attention every morning in our community as students head to school. As a result, we work on this campaign.

The ideas

We started our work on March the 23rd, when this project was introduced to the students of 6th year secondary school. We worked on driving safety, risky behavior and responsible behavior. We decided to focus our investigation on the problematic situation that our school community faces every morning on the way to school.
Through observation and surveys, we were able to identify different problems, including double-parking, pedestrians crossing in the middle of the avenue, and speeding. Avoiding these behaviors would prevent accidents. As a consequence of these situations and behaviors, we worked on a campaign for the whole community. We worked on posters in the school and we also worked on the idea of getting a traffic light for the corner by our school, something which had already been requested some years ago.

The initiatives

Among the various ideas two different concrete actions were carried out: one was related to the posters we created and the promotion of good behavior among students; the other was work on an educational campaign about driving safety and responsible behavior at arrival time. The idea was to organize drivers and pedestrians, providing leaflets to them. These different actions had an impact not only on the school community but also on the whole city. People from the media showed our work. After three mornings carrying out this job, we debated about what we observed during the campaign and we drew various conclusions on the fulfillment of driving rules, acceptance of the campaign and the commitment of the community.


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