Be responsible with technological devices

Be responsible with technological devices


The use of electronic devices is the 4th cause of accidents. We wanted to induce a change for road safety and we made a video to show the importance of moderating the use of new technologies and using only electronic devices than can help driving.

The ideas

Traffic accidents are a current problem that, for the moment, do not seem to be ending. Among the main causes are alcohol consumption, disobedience to traffic regulations, speeding, the inappropriate use of technology and fatigue. The use of technological devices is the fourth cause of accidents and it is the problem that we decided to work on for our project. More and more new technology is infiltrating everyday life, and consequently, influencing the behavior of road users.  Using these technological devices improperly while driving is a selfish act, since not putting the necessary attention on driving can put in danger other people’s lives.

The initiatives

We conducted a survey at our school of high school students and forty adults to understand the perceptions of these two age groups in relation to this type of risk behavior. Our questions were:

- How often do you use your mobile phone on public roads? The two groups reported that they use it frequently.

- How do you see the use of technological devices while driving? Both groups consider that use is inappropriate, although adults have been more critical of the issue than adolescents.

- Should new technologies be banned while driving or have their use moderated? Both groups said the use should be moderated, with the devices that help driving and don’t work as a distraction factor being utilized.

- With the technology advancing so quickly and its use more and more frequent in our daily lives, what importance do you give to this subject? Both groups considered the subject very relevant.

- Have you or any family member ever had an accident due to cell phone use while driving? How did you feel? The two groups reported close experiences and said that the feelings generated were of impotence and indignation because it could have been avoided.

- How would you feel if you were responsible for an accident caused by the use of a cell phone? The two groups said they would feel guilty and adults mentioned they probably would have serious difficulties coping with it.

We created an animation video with Adobe, showing some statistics and the questions and answers that we got with our survey. It ended with an open question: What message do you get from this video and these questions?

With our video we wanted to get people to reflect on their own behavior as road users and their misuse of technological devices, remarking the need of using technological artifacts with responsibility and to stop using cell phones, either as drivers or pedestrians.

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