Awareness about risk behaviors in traffic

Colégio SESI

Awareness campaign for improvement of road safety in defense of Life. This work intends to reach a large number of people, promoting road safety awareness and respect in traffic.

The ideas

 Every day we can observe around us different situations of people driving their vehicles, and many times it is scary to witness some attitudes and absence of awareness, that set at risk the life of people who are quietly doing their tasks. It can be cited as inconsistent attitudes in traffic for example, when the driver’s hand, instead of being steady on the steering wheel of the vehicle is distracted by holding a phone; when one does not respect the pedestrian crossing; when the seat belt is just used when one sees the police and not for safety; when parents do not put their children in child seats; drunk driving; and when one does not respect the speed limits.

 All these risk behaviors were identified in our city and guided our initial discussions of the Project “Your Ideas Your Initiatives”. With a spirit of cooperation and attitudes of awareness about road safety we were committed to contribute to raising people's awareness in and out of our community.

 We organized ourselves in different groups and each one chose a topic to approach. The chosen subjects were: Crosswalk; Cellphone on steering wheel; Baby seat use; Seat belt use; Drunk driving; Bicycle use and Motorcycle use.

The initiatives

Each group produced a video to raise awareness on a specific subject with the purpose of being published in social media to reach the largest possible number of people and to raise awareness in a quick and easy way around each matters.

We shared the videos we created in the classroom and together we chose the one that we would share in this challenge, which is the one that emphasizes the risk behavior related to the correct or incorrect use of the crosswalk. In this video there is an interview with a police officer explaining how is the situation of the crosswalks in our city. 

The other videos were published on a facebook page. The goal is to spread them in the community, thus creating a traffic awareness campaign.

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