L’expérience vécue par les étudiants du Huanggang Polytechnic College

The lessons learnt by Huanggang Polytechnic College’s students

We asked them what they learned from the experience:

Xiang Changjian, Zhang Jiabao, Lu Tao, Zhu Dong, Zhu Lijian, Yan Daoxin and Yang Pufei were working on the “high beams” team:

“Our team was dedicated to combat the inappropriate use of high beams, creating a smoother and safer driving environment. In the implementation of the project, we found, to our delight, that part of the drivers pay tremendous attention to the using of vehicle lights, which is praiseworthy; while more drivers choose to change lights at their will and ignore the feelings of others, which is where we need to help them to improve their behavior.

We also learnt that during investigations, interviews and promotion, friendly communication is important. Because of this, the staff involved, contacted during the project, acknowledged and supported our activities. They applauded what we did and are willing to cooperate with us when needed. It’s the biggest prize for us that what we did has earned the praise of others and society”.

Cao Yang, Yuan Lai, Hu Xue and Hu Jinrui were parts of the “Garbage throwers” team:

“Our campaign was designed to educate the public about the dangers of throwing garbage out of vehicle windows, thereby reducing the frequency of this behavior. We discovered that part of our citizens somewhat lack the awareness of civilization and public ethics, so we need to further strengthen the awareness on civilized manners. We also learned the importance of triviality: an action may be small, but it can be snowballed into big phenomena. We became grateful to the street cleaners who work hard to make our city more beautiful. We also learned the necessity of cooperation: the success of an event requires the effort of every participant.”

Both teams worked under the supervision of Ji Feilong and Chen Jian.