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We drive in traffic filled roads every day, and every day, we encounter many problems. In the region we live in, one of these many problems we face derive from roundabouts. In our project we want examine the common mistakes and make people aware of the correct use of roundabouts.

The ideas

In our initial brainstorm we realized we had a problem with the sidewalks in our school and this was our initial topic to approach in order to take action. Unfortunately due to Coronavirus we had to change our focus. We brainstormed again, this time, using online meetings and we together we found out that in our country we have many problems with roundabouts. Every day many people in Turkey die in traffic accidents at the roundabouts. Many accidents happen at the roundabouts because literally no one knows about rules of roundabouts. Therefore, we started to think of what we could to raise awareness about this problem while staying indoors because of the pandemic and we decided to make a video to teach the rules of roundabouts. We divided into groups which include a research group, a survey group, a dubbing group, and an animation group.

Firstly, we created a survey online to measure whether or not the people in our local area are aware of the importance or road safety and how to use roundabouts. We sent the survey to many people as possible within our contacts and we managed to have 35 answers.  94% of the respondents said they knew who had priority in roundabouts. All of them found necessary the signaling while driving in roundabouts, even though 85,7% said it was very important and 14,3% said it was important. In spite of our results show positive answers, we have to consider it was a small sample that doesn’t reflect the whole population and the reality of the accidents in these crowded junction shows that this knowledge is not so consistent or people know the rules but skip them.  

The initiatives

After finishing our research, we wrote the script of our video which aim is to show people of how to use roundabouts effectively. We wanted to raise awareness of the traffic rules in order to prevent misuse and reduce accidents.  Before jumping into the video we made sure that all of were properly informed, so we made a quick chat with a police officer in which we discussed the problems at modern renegade intersections.  

The video shows the common mistakes and problems at roundabouts and the seven rules to use them properly. We had 5 groups which were scenario group, subtitle group, animation group, dubbing group, translation group. The scenario group made further search on internet and typed  a carefully thought out script about what to say in the video. As soon as scenario group released the script to other groups, animation group started to sketch every square on computer by using SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop during quarantine. While the dubbing group continued to do voice-over, the subtitle group translated the script. For the last part of our video we created a catch-phrase which shows the main idea of our campaign. Afterwards we combined everything in order by using iMovie. In the end, we generated a video that we just made by ourselves. 

We released our original video on a YouTube account called Renault Proje. In order to raise awareness and get more views, we shared the link of our video by using  e-mails, WhatsApp groups and other social media sources.

Our group deeply hopes that our well-designed video can make a difference and help to reduce the accidents in roundabouts. 

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