Preventing accidents with the ABC

Preventing accidents with the ABC

I.E.S. Pintor Luis Sáez

This idea started when our teacher told us about the contest. It seemed to us a good opportunity to prevent people from having accidents. We have made a kind of dictionary with some captions and easy pictures for children to understand our aim.

The ideas

We decided to have a brainstorming session. As a result, we came up with many ideas; for instance, creating a special app to know about traffic and parking in our city to improve the situation we now have. In our city we have a bicycle-rental system; nevertheless, it and the cycle-lanes are hardly ever used.

Another idea we came up with was to help children with learning difficulties like autism, but we had so many problems developing it that we had to give up the part related to autism and decided instead to keep the dictionary. Finally, we made a kind of a dictionary in which we drew pictures for the letters of the alphabet. Then we went to different groups of classmates to explain the book. We also prepared different activities for the bilingual pupils of these groups.

The initiatives

Our final idea was to draw some pictures describing actions to be carried out in order to not have an accident. We have also written some captions and keywords to go with the images.

We went to different classrooms in our high school to show them the ‘ABC’. When we finished our explanation, we handed out some drawings and captions and students had to match them. To finish the conference, we presented a play in which we showed them the drawings and they had to tell us the keywords and the captions.

With this idea we tried to prevent people from having accidents that happen every day in every city of the world.

Due to the enthusiasm and acceptance by the bilingual children, we thought about giving more conferences in primary schools, and we would like to try to get in contact with the autism association to try to help them, as that was our first idea.

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