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Team Futureal

Amity International School, Saket

Traffic rules are something everyone should be aware of as, after all, they are made for us and not against us. If we follow them, they'll only benefit us. So we decided to create an awareness campaign, with several actions, to promote road safety.

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In today’s world, moving on the roads and going to places is more challenging than ever. It is because of unrestrained traffic all around that the commuting time has increased alarmingly. The vehicles and the pedestrians keep running hither and hither on the roads. No one realizes how dangerous it is, until they get involved in a road accident. For the betterment of the society, this mindset of people is required to be changed.

So, we decided to launch a campaign to improve upon road safety. We started by conducting a survey with a few people to understand the basic problems they usually face and test their knowledge about road safety. This gave us a basic idea of what must be done to minimize road accidents in our area.

In our campaign, we found that one of the major problems is that either people are not aware of traffic rules or they tend to forget them amidst busy and haphazard traffic. Everyone should be aware of traffic rules as they provide systematic and controlled measures that a person needs to follow to reach his destination safely. Our second observation was regarding zebra crossing. Either the zebra crossing was not existing, or it was not used. To ensure the safety of all pedestrians, which we observed near our school, use of zebra crossing is a must.

These were the two main reasons that pushed us to create an awareness program among people to follow the traffic rules for their own safety.

Tes initiatives

The human factor exerts a dominant influence on road safety. The implementation of measures that may effectively influence the behavior of road users are recognized, therefore, as a vital aim of road safety activities. Team Futureal is leading a road safety campaign in India for reaching this aim. They complement, but do not replace regular year-long activities aimed at improving road safety. Road Safety campaigns, directed at different target groups of road users and designed to change their behavior, involved governmental institutions, municipalities, Renault and our school and mass media as widely as possible. 

The students of Amity International School-Saket did not have a pedestrian crossing outside the school, therefore we made this request to the Traffic Police Department. It was sent to the South Delhi Municipal Cooperation and North Delhi Municipal Cooperation.  The request was accepted, however the construction is paused for now amid COVID-19 (We have shared the request letter and the response from the Traffic Inspector). In the near future we will try to ensure that the implementation of the pedestrian crossing will be done.

In our campaign we did several activities:

  • A podcast was recorded by the members of the team to spread road safety messages to the public.
  • A Poster Making Event was organized by the team in the school with help out teachers for all classes to get the understanding of what children thought of road safety. Out of all entries, 4 winners were chosen.
  • We organized an Essay Writing Contest in the winter of 2019 for classes 6th & onwards, out of all the entries- a student, Yash Verma- won the contest.
  • We led a Programming Contest for classes 10th & onwards where students could be creative and make a program related to road safety. Through this contest, and incorporating technology, we could spread awareness among students on how technology can help in road safety. Hridanshu won this contest with the proposal of a smart traffic light system applicable for two lanes.
  • More events such as comic making, tik-tok,etc were organized and their winners are shared in the presentation attached.
  • On the occasion of our winter carnival we had organized a flash mob with the help of our school students. We were able to introduce our campaign to a large variety of people. The students danced to the song ‘Sadak Shuraksha’ which in English means Road Safety.
  • We had created our own Website for the campaign along with an App. The site can be found on the URL provided in the presentation file and the App can be downloaded using the link provided in the presentation file. We shared our website with the students of our school and various other people and in our website we enable an option that allows people to get in contact with us and they can share with us their problems regarding road safety issues and we will try to help them. We added a donation section in our Website and App so that people can contribute to various Nobel causes. These include: Donation for cancer patients, Donation for the Indian road safety campaign by Indian institute of technology, Delhi , Donation for prime minister corona funds, Donation for the Amitasha students (girl students), Donation for the Atulasha students (male students).

During the whole campaign we were active on social media platforms such as Instagram where we had introduced some events. We also displayed traffic signs on our Instagram page with their meaning to improve people's knowledge about them. We had created a dance in the past, which was also shared through the page and our own YouTube channel.

With the pandemic and the lockdown, we organized various games in Instagram and other social media platforms in order to interact with people and attract their interest to the topics of road safety. Games like bookmark making and puzzle on road safety were put on these platforms. We also initiated Bingos on road safety made by Indian Road Safety Campaign  as it was seen as an increasing trend during this period.

At last, we have prepared some programs which can be used in future cars to avoid accidents and we have also provided an explanation for each. Basically, they would allow monitoring human behavior and preventing accidents. They are in the form of images from our previous document because of less review space in landscape mode.

A Letter of Appreciation was received by the Government of Tripura for our wonderful work towards our society and for our efforts to protect the people.

Hence, road safety is important for all drivers and pedestrians. We should make a bigger effort to make traffic safe for all. The answer to the problem of Road Safety is in all our hands, every time we sit behind the wheel and start driving. 


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