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Our goal is to emphasize the value of biking as a sustainable way of mobility and the importance of having a good network of bike paths to assure the cyclists’ road safety.

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Countries with innovative transport solutions invest heavily in bike lanes and bicycle use, because in addition to being something that will cause less pollution in the environment and do good health, bike lanes reduce the bottling of motor vehicles and, consequently, the number of vehicles mortalities.

Research shows that the lack of bike lanes has been a major cause of accidents. According to SIM (Sistema de Informação sobre Mortalidade – System of information about mortality), from 2001 to 2017, Paraná was the second Brazilian state with the highest rate of cyclists deaths. There is not a culture of respect towards cyclists and also there is a lack of infrastructures that would allow cyclists to move safely. It is also important to notice that bicycle is a sustainable way of transport that is not valued and encouraged as it should be.

In some developed countries, the idea of ​​separating lines between vehicles and cyclists was implemented. Some governments might consider that investing in these road infrastructures is out of the budget, however, it should be taken into account that bicycles are more sustainable means of transport and gradually contribute to the environment, by reducing traffic problems and environmental pollution that impacts negatively people’s health and the economy.

Tes initiatives

Taking into account the aforementioned facts our campaign has two main objectives:

  1. Stimulate the use of bicycle as a healthy way of mobility, since it allows physical exercise, encourages non-sedentary lifestyle and vital benefits and is environmentally-friendly with low costs.
  2. Improve the bike lanes, not only repairing the existing ones but also extending the network of bike lanes in our state.

To encourage the use of bicycle we created posters and comics and we shared in Instagram, since digital platforms are the ones that most reach the general public, and Instagram is the most popular at the moment.

We created a petition online to collect signatures, in which we explained that in several regions of Curitiba there aren’t adequate cycle paths and we want to make this request to the local authorities. We are going to share our petition to have as many people supporting this proposal as possible..

We hope our efforts can improve the cyclist’s road safety and make more people choose biking instead of driving!


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