Your Ideas Your Initiatives seen by the community actors


In the process of developing their intitiaves, students sometimes come in contact with local public authorities in order to convince them to make changes in the community. They are often successful, as has been the case of students from St. Joseph School – Lebanon. After a first meeting with Mr. George Khoury (Cornet El Hamra municipality member), the students were able to present their proposal regarding a construction work project and their work plan. He was pleased to listen to such determined students explain what they had planned  to do with a main school entrance. In the second meeting,  they decided on an active and efficient work plan that would  soon begin.

We interviewed Mr. George Khoury to discover how community stakeholders consider the Your Ideas Your Initiatives program.

Tell us your perspective of the work the students are developing?

The whole idea is very interesting and beneficial to our community and the whole country. In fact, it is a brand-new project that students are involved in. This will surely help students serve their community in a better and more effective way, especially since the topic tackled is of great importance and significance. Students are showing great enthusiasm and creativeness. We are sure that, with the help of such a program, our country will be in safe hands.

What do you think of this kind of program, in which the students try to make positive changes regarding the road safety problems they face in their community?

The project reflects positively on the abilities of the students that make them better citizens and develop their potential to think further and deeper regarding the safety of roads and the design of infrastructure and urbanization. This project will help them develop their road designing skills accompanied by their spirit of volunteerism and teamwork. The students will then consider the importance of safe roads and their impact on the life of drivers and pedestrians, as well as the safety of the students attending the school we are aiming to help.

Do you think this kind of project and program are relevant for schools and students, and why?

Our community depends on the young generations to build a better community. In fact, their eagerness and intense interest in developing a better country is the key to the success of this program. To demonstrate, their passion and dynamism is taking the lead in serving their community. Second, they will be able to develop better communication skills and learn how to negotiate and debate in order to attain their goals. This is evident as they will learn how to deal with such issues and how to take immediate and important actions related to such projects. Therefore, one can conclude that this Road Safety Club is very much relevant for schools and students of these ages.