YOUR Ideas YOUR Initiatives’ 2017 competition is coming to a close


In this edition of YOUR Ideas YOUR Initiatives, 79 schools from 14 countries have participated and 83 projects were received. More than 1,700 students have been working on this program, identifying road safety or mobility problems in their communities and developing campaigns to solve or improve those problems.
The variety of topics addressed by the students was quite varied and included the different key units proposed in the pedagogical materials. Some projects focused on road safety rules to instill good habits in road users; others remarked on risk behaviors, aiming for a change of attitudes. Other projects tried to solve problems related to  road infrastructure, gathering the support of the actors of prevention. The topic of mobility is also reflected in several projects. Some students worked to promote the use of alternative transportation in their community to reduce  traffic congestion and CO2 footprints.  Others proposed changes to  cars and  public transportation in order to make them safer and more sustainable, and other groups tried to raise awareness of the importance of an inclusive mobility and of using streets as a space for  community interaction.
The quality of the projects presented this year was, once again, very high and our thanks to all of the schools and students who, by participating in this project, made important contributions in their local environment by promoting safety and mobility for all.
The winners will be announced soon on the programme’s Facebook page.