International challenge – how to participate

Your Ideas Your Initiatives International Challenge involves a network of schools from around the world committed to achieving changes in their community with regards to Road Safety and Mobility. Teachers are invited to join this international initiative with their students between 15-17 years of age and develop a participatory classroom project.

The International Challenge Your Ideas, Your Initiatives is a very flexible approach, which can be adapted to different contexts and timeframes in the classroom. This document provides a simple description of the steps you and your class can take to participate in the international competition.

  1. Create an account

It will only take you a few minutes, and you can do it when you have decided to participate – even before you have planned your initiative, by clicking on Sign up and filling the short registration form.

Once you have signed up, you will have access to your account and be able to modify it anytime you want by clicking on Log in.

  1. Reflect on road safety and sustainable mobility – ‘Your Ideas’

You can find tips and recommendations in the Teacher Guidelines, which present the participatory educational approach and how to implement it in your school.

Then you are invited to work with students to reflect upon key issues regarding road safety and sustainable mobility in the school’s immediate environment and/or in the community as a whole. The project provides suggestions on how to reflect upon a series of issues including: Road Safety, Risky Behaviors, Responsible Behaviors, Actors of Prevention, Circular Economy, The Future of the Car, The Future of our Cities, Street Safety/Safety for all. Ideas for activities with students on each of these topics are available in the Key Units.

Students are asked to investigate the road safety and mobility issues in their communities and develop their own conclusions and ideas.

You can share your student´s creative ideas on the Your Ideas, Your Initiatives  social media: facebook and twitter.

  1. Implement an awareness-raising initiative in the school and/or community – ‘Your Initiatives’

The activities can be planned according to each classes needs.

The objective is not necessarily quantitative. You should give priority to the idea and the initiative that best responds to a precise need or expectation and where you can make a (small) difference. Authenticity and genuine youth participation are keys for the success of your initiatives.

Ideas and recommendations about how to develop initiatives can be found in the Teacher guidelines.

You are welcome to share your students initiatives through photo, video etc. on the Your Ideas, Your Initiatives social media: facebook and twitter.

  1.  Submissions

In order to take part in the International Challenge, participating classes must provide a description of the activities they have undertaken as part of the program. This will include a description of work in class (ideas) and of the campaign (initiatives) created by the students, jointly with creative elements and informative materials that can give us an idea of its implementation. Photographs, artwork, videos, web content and any other kind of visual material will be very useful.

In order to submit your participation, click on “Submit you Story”, and complete the questions about the ideas and the initiatives. Please keep in mind that those texts will be published on your page in the website after they are reviewed by the Your Ideas, Your Initiatives editor. Then upload all the material on your account:

  • You can upload up to 10 photos maximum, with a brief commentary, explaining what is happening (max. 100 words per photo). Images uploaded should be in jpeg, bmp, tif or png format. The maximum size per photo is 5MB. Photos can be changed or comments edited at any time.
  • You may prefer to include those photos in a Power Point presentation that would synthetize your activies (maximum size 30MB).
  • If you wish to enter a video, please do not exceed a maximum length of 5 minutes.  Videos should be uploaded to the YouTube account of the project - -, and the link provided with your entry. Videos may not be edited or changed once they are submitted.

You can save your story as a draft if you wish to work again on it at another time. No up-date will be possible once your story is submitted.

  1. Helpdesk

All participating classes can contact our help desk via email ( for further information and support.

  1. Validity of entries

All valid contributions shall be eligible for the prizes. Contributions shall be considered valid provided they:

  • Are understandable.
  • Demonstrate that they are serious and that a minimum of effort has been made.
  • Are politically correct and not insulting.
  • Fulfil all of the requirements set out in these competition rules.

The challenge organization team will have the right to eliminate any contribution that does not comply with the above criteria.

  1. Submission deadline

Remember: all your audio-visual material must be uploaded to your account by 15th May, 2019.

  1. Selection criteria

Winners of the International Challenge will be chosen by an International Jury of experts in Road Safety and Mobility Issues.

The winners will be selected according to the following criteria:

Identification of the issue within the community Clear description of the issue identified at a community level. Level of analysis undertaken by the students to understand the issue. Relation to road safety and mobility issues.

Relevance of the approach

Adequacy of chosen approach and media to transmit message.  Manner and relevance of the way the initiative developed by the students´ addresses the road safety and mobility issue in their community.

Capacity to transmit the message

Clarity and efficiency in transmitting the message, invitation to reflect on individual and community habits and lifestyle.


Level of innovation and originality of the proposed approach.


Impact of the initiative in the local community. Level of interest raised in community actors.


Level of ownership obtained by students.

Quality of sent material

Clarity and attractive aspects of the material sent to present the activities.

  1. Prizes

The 3 first winning contributions, from rank 1 to 3, will receive an Ipad Mac Pro or a prize with a similar value

The 3 other winning contributions, from rank 4 to rank 6 will receive a Tablet or a prize with a similar value.

  1. Notification of the winners

The winners shall be notified by phone and e-mail in June 2019.

The winners shall also be announced on the Your Ideas Your Initiatives website and Facebook page.

  1. Rights and permissions

Participants hold all necessary rights and permissions relating to the texts, photographs and films used to enter this competition and guarantee that nothing impedes their participation in the Contest and the use of their entries by the organizing team in accordance with the provisions stated herein. Participants certify that their contribution is not subject to copyright protection and as such can be freely disseminated in relation to the Safety and Mobility for all programme.

Participants therefore guarantee the organizers against all claims or actions that may be brought in any capacity in connection with the exercise of rights granted for this competition. Participants certify that they are in possession of all necessary approvals of any person involved directly or indirectly in the production of competition entries, including writers, actors, authors, performers of music, graphic designers, photographers and developers, and for any other party involved in creating or performing the contributions.

This includes a parental authorization for the use of image of all minors of age that appear in the contribution. Therefore the organizers will have all rights to publish the images of all participants in the Safety & Mobility for all website or in the Your Ideas Your Initiatives social media pages.

  1. Force majeure

In the event of force majeure or if circumstances dictate, the organizers reserve the right to amend these rules, postpone or cancel the competition.

  1. Acceptance of the rules

Participating in this competition implies full acceptance of these rules in their entirety, including, as and when required, any amendments and addenda.

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